Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Brunei HOB Project Implementation Framework

The Sungai Ingei Faunal Expedition will address the following strategies and interventions:

Strategy 1 - Biodiversity

3.2.2. Enhance biodiversity conservation
B1 - Enhance legal and management framework for biodiversity conservation

3.2.3. Improve understanding of biodiversity
B4 - Survey of endangered cats (and other mammal)
B5 - Surveys of amphibians in Brunei
B6 - Survey of insect biodiversity in Brunei
B7 - Large mammal survey in the inter-riverine zone
B8 - Survey of fish and aquatic invertebrates in Brunei

3.2.5. Forestry and biodiversity
B7 - Large mammal survey in the inter-riverine zone

3.2.8. Cross-border issues and co-operation
B19 - Sungai Ingei/Gunung Mulu Transboundary Park

Strategy 2 - Niche Nature Tourism Enhance nature tourism products
T1 - Formulate the National Ecotourism Master Plan Develop niche tourism products
T4 - Facilitate Birdwatcher Tourism
T6 - Facilitating Macro-photocopy tourism: Brunei in close-up

Strategy 4 - Environmental Education & Awareness Develop environmental education
E5 - Establish the Brunei HOB Biodiversity Field Course

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