Saturday, 11 December 2010

Survivors (Day 15 - 16/07/2010)

The morning of Day 15 was hot and sunny and the water level was very low. The base camp was anticipating the return of Team Samhan (one of the two camera trap groups of the expedition) from Sungai Berar. As mentioned in the blog post on Day 13, Team Samhan had camped for two nights at the Ingei-Berar subcamp. In addition to that, Angus (chief guide) expected Team Samhan to reach the base camp by foot by 1pm.

After breakfast, a cleaning campaign was carried out by some of the participants and tin cans were also crushed before they were thrown into a fire pit as led by BB (project administrator/camp manager).

The tin cans were collected and kept aside by our chef and his assistant whenever food was prepared. This way of disposing the non-biodegradable materials is more eco-friendly to the environment.

Breakfast time!

BB (middle) leading the tin-crushing activity

Stilts were used to crush some of the tin cans
L-R: Angus, Haji Roslan, Arpin, Bon, BB and Fen

Instead of burying the tin cans, crushing them is much eco-friendly

Crushed tin cans were thrown in a small fire pit

The day passed by quick and the time was already 3pm but there were no signs of Team Samhan returning from their long journey. Some of the participants in the base camp got a tad worried but the majority of them trust the capability of Samhan, Haji Bakhtiar and the boys in navigating their way around in the forest. After all, a trail was already established when Team Samhan first ventured towards Sungai Berar by foot.

The time was 4pm and some of the participants were having tea in the kitchen when suddenly they saw abrupt movements among the foliage across the river. Team Samhan has finally returned!

It was indeed a welcoming sight to see Team Samhan and a few of the participants, including Dr. Charles, BB and Angus, immediately went to the river bank to welcome them back. Cikgu Haji (Iban boatman) also steered the boat across the river to pick Team Samhan up.

View from across the river showing the base camp
Picture taken by Samhan

4 hours of walk and still standing!
Picture shows Samhan (left) and Haji Bakhtiar (right)

Cikgu Haji (rowing) picked Team Samhan up from across the river

BB (project administrator and camp manager)
was the first to welcome Team Samhan back on the beach

Team Samhan was glad to be back after their long journey and indeed, they looked fatigued and needed alot of rest. Dr. Charles (expedition leader) congratulated them in their successful journey to Sungai Berar by foot and also making it back to the base camp safely.

Team Samhan, and also other participants of the expedition, were instructed to rest well for the night as Day 16 would be a very busy day for everyone. I'll end today's post with some more pictures on the return of Team Samhan. Check this blog for more updates to come!

Team Samhan returning back to the base camp.
Dr. Charles (far right) was there to welcome them back

Happy faces...

...and also weary faces

Samhan's torn shirt indicated how tough the journey was

We have made it!
Metis and Moon

To be continued...

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