Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sg Ingei offers more than just floral and wildlife biodiversity

Members of the Sungai Ingei Faunal Biodiversity Survey team boarding the boat to the base camp. Sg Ingei, the Magic of Brunei, is a biological diversity treasure where so much has yet to be discovered. Picture: BT/Rasidah Bakar
Saturday, May 5, 2012
Dear Editor,

THERE has been an increasing coverage on the two-year Sg Ingei faunal biodiversity study reporting on the need to preserve the virgin forests towards a wildlife sanctuary.

I am writing to praise the extensive coverage as it gives the readers an insight into what is coined the Magic of Brunei. I have never heard of Sg Ingei before. So, I was amazed after reading reports on it to discover that the pristine forests has so much to offer to Brunei.

The dedicated team of scientists who had pledged their time to volunteer for the study deserves an outstanding applause for the effort they put into the study. They are doing this voluntarily for what they strongly believe in preserving the rich forests of Sg Ingei.

This is understandably so, as what I can see, Sg Ingei is a biological diversity treasure where so much has yet to be discovered.

In another report, it said "preserving the rich forest of Sg Ingei holds more interest for the people than they are aware of, as it is a foothold for hydrological management, currency in the international carbon trade market and a transboundary security buffer." This shows that Sg Ingei has more to offer than just floral and wildlife biological biodiversity.

For those who have yet to acquaint themselves with Sg Ingei, I strongly encourage them to read up on it and be surprised that right here in the heart of Brunei, our pristine forests are something we should be proud of as well as the envy of our counterparts. To see our government committed more than half of the total size of our country is the right action towards a sustainable future and I hope our government's commitment will continue the same for Sg ingei.

For Sg Ingei to be preserved as it stands centuries ago, it needs the full support from our government as well as private corporations to see that it is an invaluable treasure we have to protect for the future. Here, I look forward to read on the day when Sg Ingei is endorsed as a wildlife sanctuary.

Sg Ingei, Bandar Seri Begawan

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