Friday, 4 June 2010

Recce 2 (7th December - 12th December 2009)

Recce 1 was conducted between 26th September - 3rd October 2009 and the main reason for the trip was to determine possible sites to construct the base camp and to establish research trails for the actual expedition. More details regarding about the trip can be found in the previous blog entry.

Another recce trip was conducted between 7th December - 12th December 2009 and 5 people were involved in Recce 2. The main reason for the trip was to check the base camp site, in which permission was granted by the Forestry Department to cut down a few large trees to make way for the construction of the base camp. In addition to that, prayers were conducted by the Malay, Dusun and Iban communities prior to the start of construction works.

L-R: Angus (Chief Guide), Haji Saifullah (Boatman), Azri (Museum officer),
Samhan (Field Coordinator) and Metis (UBD student)

Samhan and Angus ready to head to the field

David (Boatman and Camp Site Foreman)

Beach entrance to Camp Site (chosen by Samhan)

Towering trees on the other side of the river opposite the Camp Site

Checking the Camp Site (trees have been cut down)

Crown Shyness as seen from Camp Site

Chainsaw used in cutting down the trees

Wood from felled trees used as building materials for Camp Site

Expedition's main toilet (still in progress)

Malay prayers (led by Haji Saifullah)

Iban prayers (led by David)

Dusun prayers (led by Angus)

Wooden beam used as base camp's foundation

Raising ceremony of wooden beam to kick-start construction works

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