Monday, 7 June 2010

Recce 3 (26th February - 4th March 2010)

It has been approximately 2 months since Recce 2 was conducted and the construction of the Sungai Ingei Faunal Expedition main base camp should near its completion. Hence, Dr. Joe Charles (Expedition Leader) and Samhan (Field Coordinator) decided to visit Sungai Ingei at the end of February 2010 to inspect the progress of the construction of the main base camp.

Recce 3 was conducted for 6 days from 26th February - 4th March 2010 and 9 people were involved. Recce 3 occurred during the dry season (water level was very low) and the journey to Sungai Ingei took a much longer time when compared to Recce 2. Apart from inspecting the main base camp, several other tasks were also done:

a) Setting small mammal traps to gather preliminary results
b) Surveying for amphibians at the Batu Melintang waterfall area
c) Retrieving camera traps that were set during Recce 2
d) Putting up 'No Entry' signboards at Sungai Ingei
e) Establish more research trails

Here are some pictures taken during Recce 3:

Recce 3 participants (L-R): Samhan (Field Coordinator),
Haji Saifullah (Boatman), Rosli (volunteer), Salwa (volunteer),
Angus (Chief Guide), Dr. Joe Charles (Expedition Leader),David (Boatman)
and Ang BB (Project Administrator/Camp Manager) [Not in picture: Dr. Ulmar Grafe]

The journey to Sg. Ingei is very long and tiring.
Short breaks at river banks are crucial!

A visit to the village head's residence at Kg. Melilas

Resting inside a longhouse at Kg. Melilas

Haji Saifullah clearing the debris for the boats to pass

There were also some parts of the river where the chainsaw was needed

Navigating the boat below a huge fallen tree that has blocked the river

Sigh of relief as the participants have finally reached the camp site

Tents were set up in the base camp

But some prefer to sleep under the mosquito net!

Inspecting the progress of the base camp

The base camp is near its completion and is
expected to be fully done by early April 2010

Penan worker giving all her effort

Discussions on other things to be done

'No Entry' signboards were put up to warn any potential poachers

Ang BB setting up a small mammal trap

Smiles for Salwa after a hard day's work in the forest

Rosli surveying for amphibians at night

Angus looking very exhausted after spending one full day in
retrieving camera traps from the deeper parts of Sungai Ingei

Most anticipated moment: Dinner Time!

View of the Sungai Ingei Faunal Expedition main base camp
(Picture taken from the other side of the river)

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