Thursday, 1 July 2010

First Aid Course

A first aid course was conducted by three paramedics from RIPAS on 24th June 2010 in UBD. Two of the paramedics, namely Haji Roslan and Wandy, will be going to Sungai Ingei to assist the participants in any first aid / medicinal needs. The paramedics will stay in Sungai Ingei for the entire period during the expedition.

The first aid course included:

1) a presentation on "First Aid Basics" given by Wandy
2) CPR demonstration shown by Haji Roslan
3) demonstrations on bandages and arm slings
4) free anti-tetanus jabs to all participants

On behalf of the Sungai Ingei Faunal Expedition, we would like to thank the RIPAS paramedics for their help and full cooperation.

Wandy giving his presentation

Three paramedics from RIPAS

Haji Roslan demonstrating CPR

Correct posture in performing CPR

Free first aid kits were also given out by the paramedics

Demo on bandaging

Demo on making an arm sling

Dr. Charles managed to put on a
smile while getting the ATT jab :)

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