Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Hello, Friends! (Day 3 - 04/07/2010)

Day 3 came and we were expecting our guests, whom were the second batch of participants of the expedition, to arrive at the base camp. They were scheduled to leave Bukit Sawat Jetty at 10am and another batch of Iban boatmen from Kampong Melilas and Kampong Sukang were sent to pick the participants from the jetty.

Several reporters from the local press (Borneo Bulletin, Brunei Times, etc) were also present at Bukit Sawat Jetty to cover the news of the departure of the second batch of participants to Sungai Ingei.

Dr. Joseph Charles, our expedition leader, was there to entertain the reporters while the other participants helped the boatmen to load the luggage onto the boats. Click here if you want to read Brunei Times' online news cover of the departure.

Second batch of participants who left for Sungai Ingei on Day 3:

Dr. Joseph Charles (expedition leader), Dr. Ulmar Grafe (senior lecturer), Dr. David Lane (senior lecturer), Dr. Indra Yustian (Indonesian scientist), Stephen Hogg (expedition photographer), Andrios (Indonesian research assistant), Zaedi (Forestry Department officer), Hajah Yatty (Brunei Museums vice-curator), Arpin (museums staff), Moon (museums staff), Faisal (museums staff), Catherine (research assistant), Bon (research assistant), Pei Fen (research assistant) and Mayyer (research assistant).

Participants ready to board the boats for Sungai Ingei

Reporters interviewing Dr. Joe Charles

Dr. Ulmar (right) posing for the press camera :)

Haji Saifullah (Iban boatmen / Imam)
reciting prayer before departure

Dr. Charles enjoying his lunch. Big smile!

Dr. Lane showing us how to enjoy his lunch the relaxed way

While the second batch of participants headed their way to Sungai Ingei, a few of the the first batch of participants were busy cleaning up the base camp. Some others collected wooden planks in the vicinity of the base camp to make walkways that connect the base camp to the toilets. These activities were followed by brunch as our chefs made sure that everyone was rewarded after a morning's hard work.

Angus, Cikgu Haji and Samhan repairing a mini-bridge

Angus the Muscleman!
p.s. He is in his 60s' by the way

Collecting wooden planks...

...and used the planks as walkways

Brunch menu on the white board...
...and also World Cup results!

Posers with the expedition banner :)

Daily, refreshing dips in the river
brought laughters and joy to everyone

It was close to 2pm when some of the participants at the base camp took their dips in the river. Not long after that, the sound of motorboards were heard from afar and that's when we realized something...the second batch of participants have arrived!

Their journey from Bukit Sawat Jetty to Sungai Ingei base camp took about 3 hours and we could see that the participants were tired and burnt as the weather was quite hot that day. We were glad that everyone arrived safely and immediately, the first batch of participants welcomed their fellow friends and helped them in offloading the luggage and other equipments.

After the luggage were offloaded from the boats, everyone settled down in the base camp. Dr. Joe Charles gave a quick briefing to everyone in the kitchen as everyone helped themselves with refreshments that was prepared by the chefs. In addition to that, air mattresses and mosquito nets were also set up so as to allow the second batch of participants to rest up for the night.

Boat 1 arrived:
Dr. Charles, Dr. Yustian, Dr. Lane, Dr. Ulmar, Stephen and Arpin

Boat 2 arrived:
Andrios, Zaedi, Bon, Mayyer, Catherine and Pei Fen

Boat 3 arrived:
Faisal waving frantically!

It was very chaotic with luggage all over the base camp floor!

Dr. Charles with a big smile after a visit to the toilet :)

Quick briefing as given by Dr. Charles

Samhan (field coordinator) also
gave some welcoming words and led a prayer

I wonder what's so funny? But a happy picture nonetheless

Extra air mattresses and mosquito nets were set up

The second batch of participants brought us newspapers!
The first batch of participants were cut off from the outside world
with no idea of what's going on. The newspapers certainly brought
alot of happy faces :)

Day 3 might be tiring to some but Day 4 was in fact, the real big day for everyone.

To be continued...

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