Saturday, 30 October 2010

Trees Are Everywhere! (Day 5 - 06/07/2010)

It's the same activities for Day 5 as every research participant set out to the field to conduct their relevant projects. The day was hot and sunny and the river level was quite low. Just a great weather for drying our damp and smelly clothes! :)

Dr. Ulmar and Rosli went to the Batu Melintang waterfall area and had decided to camp for a few nights at the Hot Springs. As mentioned in Day 4, they were surveying for frogs and could only work at night. They were also escorted by the forest police.

Dr. Zohrah and her assistant Amalul continued their research despite the low water level. Dr. Lane and his assistants, Zaedi and Mayyer, seemed to love their work as they checked their harp traps for a few times within that day. Dr. Yustian and Andrios rested during the day time and went out to search for their tarsiers at night. Both would only come back during the wee hours of the night!

As for Dr. Charles' teams of small mammal and camera trap people, everything went pretty well. The small mammal team managed to gather some interesting data for the day whereas the camera trap teams ventured far into the forests of Sungai Ingei Forest Reserve in setting up camera traps. Keep in mind that both the camera trap teams of Team Angus and Team Samhan went towards different trails to maximize the camera trapping efficiency.

Here are some pictures taken during Day 5:

Fish Group
L-R: Dr. Zohrah, Amalul and Haji Roslan (paramedic)

Tarsier Group
Andrios and Dr. Yustian

Bat Group
L-R: Zaedi (robin), Mayyer (batgirl) and Dr. Lane (batman)

Camera Trap Group: Team Angus
L-R: Faisal, Jeff, Bon and Angus

Camera Trap Group: Team Samhan
L-R: Ishlah, Metis, Yatty and Arpin

Team Samhan taking a lunch break in the forest

Arpin with his Agathis borneensis friend

Bon setting up a camera trap

Some parts of the camera trap trails
require you to cross streams and rivers via logs

Jeff and Bon operating the camera trap

To be continued...

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