Friday, 26 November 2010

Back To Business (Day 11 - 12/07/2010)

So it's back to business on Day 11 as every research groups went out to the field as early as 8am. The small mammal group and tarsier group had to take the boat to cross to the other side of the river bank to check their trails. Dr. Yustian and Andrios of the tarsier group decided to set up more mist nets during the day to improve their chances in catching tarsiers when night falls.

As for the bat group, Dr. Lane and Mayyer decided to move some of their harp traps to better sites to maximize their capture of bats. Zaiedi, whom is a Forestry Department officer and also a member of the bat group, had to leave Sungai Ingei Base Camp that morning to Bukit Sawat as he had to report back to work the next day.

On ther other hand, Dr. Lane and Mayyer also surveyed for water bugs along Sungai Ingei that day. Stephen Hogg, whom is our wildlife photographer, was also busy that morning as he went around the base camp to take pictures and videos of any encountered wildlife.

The two camera trap groups, namely Team Samhan and Team Angus, also ventured into their trails to set more camera traps as guided by their leaders. Team Samhan literally spent the whole day out in the field and hence, packed lunch were prepared for them by our main chef Haji Ramlee. During the expedition, packed lunch were regularly prepared for those research groups
who couldn't go back to the base camp for lunch and would rather have their meals in the field.

Here are some of the pictures as taken on Day 11. Cheers!

Participants heading down to the boats

Tarsier Group and Small Mammal Group taking
the boat to cross to the other side of the river
L-R: Dr. Yustian, Andrios, Catherine, Pei Fen, Salwa and Cikgu Haji (boatman)

Bat Group featuring Mayyer (left) and Dr. Lane (right) with their harp traps

Stephen Hogg was always seen roaming
around with his cameras / video recorder

Camera trap group, Team Samhan, setting up a camera trap
L-R: Moon, Metis and Ishlah

Moon crawling on the forest floor to check if the camera was working

Metis and Ishlah moving in front of the camera
trap to see if the trap was operating well

Team Samhan taking a lunch break with their packed lunch

Some of the members of the other camera trap group, Team Angus.
L-R: Faisal, Arpin and Angus

A remnant of an old Gaharu poacher's camp as
stumbled upon by Team Angus in one of their trails

Team Angus returning to the base camp after a hard morning's work
L-R: Angus, Arpin, Faisal, Jeff and Bon

Participants anticipating for lunch

Soto for lunch!

Haji Ramlee also made ketupat

Our main chef, Haji Ramlee
Officially regarded as a VIP of the base camp :)

To be continued...

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