Friday, 26 November 2010

Perseverance (Day 12 - 13/07/2010)

If you can recall from Day 6, Team Samhan (one of the two camera trap groups) took the boat and set their course for Sungai Berar, which is a smaller river that branches from the main upper catchment of Sungai Belait. The boat ride from Sungai Ingei Base Camp to Sungai Berar took approximately 2 hours (without obstructions) and this is considered to be a long journey.

Team Samhan was instructed to go back to Sungai Berar and reset their camera traps (due to errors) on Day 13. However, the second journey to Sungai Berar was by foot and NOT by boat. Team Samhan recorded that the time taken to travel from the Sungai Ingei Base Camp to Sungai Berar by foot is approximately 4 hours.

In addition to that, Team Samhan were also instructed to build a permanent sub-camp near to Sungai Berar so that they could camp there for one night. It would be too tiring for anyone to travel back and forth from Sungai Ingei to Sungai Berar, which would be 8 hours by foot! Now this is what I call as a real adventure!

Hence, Team Samhan was advised to rest and also pack their bags, food and equipment on Day 12 and also to plan out properly on their working schedule. Check out the upcoming blog post on Day 13 for more information about the exciting Ingei-Berar trip!

Apart from that, it was another busy day on Day 12 for the other research groups apart from the camera trap groups (Team Samhan and Team Angus), whom were told to rest for Day 13. Team Angus also had to reset some of their camera tarps in their own respective trails due to some unforeseen errors.

Here are some of the pictures as taken on Day 12. More updates to come soon!

The ever-hardworking Small Mammal Group
L-R: Cikgu Haji, Catherine, BB and Pei Fen
(Salwa not in picture)

Small Mammal Group in action

A beautiful Argus Pheasant dancing ground found
along one of the small mammal trails

Lunch time!

Faisal of Team Angus decided to do his laundry
as he had some time to spare

Haji Ramlee (main chef) and Azree (assistant chef) teaching
Haji Roslan (paramedic) how to cook a type of sweet dessert

Perhaps one of the best desserts ever cooked in any expedition!

Dinner time!
Main menu: Nasi Briyani and Beef Rendang

Small discussion between Dr. Charles, Stephen Hogg and Dr. Lane

After dinner, Ishlah decided to pack
his stuffs for the big trip on Day 13

And he was done packing in an hour's time!

Moon was wondering what to pack
for his big trip since 4pm that day!

To be continued...

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