Monday, 8 November 2010

Posers of the Forest (Day 7 - 08/07/2010)

Dr. Zohrah, our deputy vice-chancellor of UBD, had to return to the campus to settle some official matters and hence decided to leave on Day 7 with her assistant, Amalul and also our project administrator/camp manager and chief guide, BB and Angus respectively. Hajah Yatty from the Museums Department also joined them as she has to return for work too.

Two Iban boatmen were therefore given the responsibility to bring them back to Bukit Sawat in the morning. As a result, 5 people had left the base camp on Day 7.

Dr. Zohrah and Amalul had collected enough fish samples for their research during the first week of the expedition and the results are yet to be analyzed. A doa selamat was recited before their departure and everyone helped out in loading their luggage onto the boats. It was like a casual farewell but no tears were shed of course!

Doa Selamat recited before their departure

Ready to leave!
L-R: Dr. Zohrah, BB and Amalul

Yatty waving frantically. I ride SOLO!

Amalul hiding his tears while the boat leaves the base camp

The water level of Sungai Ingei was very low that morning

Day 7 was also a rest day for the camera trap groups as they worked hard the day before. However, other research groups such as the small mammal group, tarsier group, frog group and bat group had to go to the field to gather more data. You will see how the camera trap boys and the paramedics/chefs actually made use of their relaxing day of Day 7. Work aside, there is always some time to have fun in Sungai Ingei :)

The small mammal group were working very hard as usual
L-R: Catherine, Cikgu Haji and Salwa

The camera trap boys were working hard in the water too! :p

Since the water level was low, it was a great time to take
pictures near the river with all the beautiful landscape
L-R: Haji Ramlee (chef), Arpin, Haji Roslan (paramedic), Metis, Moon and Jeff

Backstreet Boys of Sungai Ingei

To be continued...

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